Quarantine 2020

Today is May, 13, 2020. The home quarantine started 6 or 8 weeks ago. At first, sick people were asked to quarantine at home to avoid infecting others. But very quickly the number of people with the virus rose to a very large number. The avoid the spread of the virus, all none essential people were asked to stay at home.

Now we have been inside for some time. For my wife and I the home quarantine has now been that bad, we are retired and didn’t go out alot anyway. For the first 5 weeks, my wife did not go out and I went out only for food. All of our doctor’s appointments were canceled. Now we are seeing doctor’s via Televisits. ( I think that’s a new word).

School was canceled of the remainder of the year. Our grand-children started using the computer educational programs to continue their learning – this is working well. They using on-line programs to continue their dancing lessons – I’m sure this is not working as well. They have had virtual visits from teachers and will begin attending virtual classes a couple of twice a week. Note that they are in grades 2 and k.

We facetime with Lee, Jen, Cameron, & Charlize a couple of times a week and text the girls 3 or 4 times per week. Last week we had a driveway visit, where we sat in chairs about 8 feet apart and talked for about half an hour.

We will get thru this. It’s not like we are asked to fight a war like our who were in WWII or any other war.

Bye for Now – More to come on the virus…

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