Storing Photos on your Computer

You store your photos on your computer – don’t you? Are they safe? Are they organized? Are you happy them? Well, if you”re like me, I was happy with how I stored my photos until I had about 2000 of them. Then I started asking myself these questions. I had photos that I had taken went my kids were small and I scan them. I had photos taken with my first digital camera and they are nice. I had photos taken with my new digital camera, they are nicer, they are much larger, and I take a lot more of them at a time. So I now have a plan. My current plan is actually my 3rd or 4th plan. I have a folder called Photos on my computer and all my photos are stored in sub-folders within this. The photos that I have scanned over the years are stored in sub-folders for the year when there are fewer than 20 or so. If there was a special event then it would get its own sub-folder (such as 1983_Xmas). In 2005, with my digital camera and get photos emailed to me from friend & relatives, I starting labeling my sub-folder with the year, month, and event name (such as 2005_03_Cape_Meeting). Check the little sample of my sub-folders. I have over one hundred sub-folders on my computer at this time.\r\n\r\nIn the future, I will discuss file sizes, backups, websites, and more as it relates to your photographs… Bye for Now…

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